Medpack LLC


Medpack LLC, member of Medpack Group, specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality condoms.


Our advantages as OEM:


  • location of the factory in the very center of Europe;
  • certification and quality control according to international standards and requirements: ISO 4074, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE-marking;
  • guarantee of the highest quality standards: 100% control of each item;
  • all-in-one service from the concept to a new product, industrial design and artworks;
  • short manufacturing and delivery terms;
  • best price/quality correlation and optimal payment conditions;
  • flexible minimum order quantity;
  • best logistic solutions;
  • opportunity of door-to-door delivery in smaller quantities;
  • quick response to the customer needs;
  • wide range of articles that can be used immediately for any OEM products;
  • use of the best raw materials and packing materials that provide protection of the product.


The experience in other markets proves that our OEM customers would grab significant market share, have better margins, promote their own brands and have more influence on the other suppliers. As a new comer we are also more flexible and aggressive in pricing.