Processing Chain

Processing chain MedPack Condom Factory


  • We provide packaging and raw materials such as lubricants and untested items produced from top-quality natural latex.
  • Raw materials are transported by a motor vehicle via a special ramp to a storage area of 800 m2 where they are then sent to be processed further in the working areas.
  • Raw materials are brought to the working area through a reverse air flow window, which prevents dust from getting into the clean area.
  • Laboratory inspection of incoming raw materials: samples for laboratory tests are taken from each batch in accordance with ISO 2859-1.
  • Dry electrostatic testing of each condom: An operator puts selected condoms on the rod of a testing machine which checks and sorts out condoms as defective or normal.
  • Packed into separate MBP (laminate foil) packaging where lubricants and labels are added.
  • Semi-automatic packing into boxes: the machine assembles boxes, a worker lays individually packed condoms into the box, the machine glues it up and a special printer applies the labels.
  • As an option, the product may be packed into a BOPP film.
  • Sampling from batches of finished products for final certification inspection: In accordance with ISO 4074 ,samples are selected for the following certification tests: Freedom from holes test; Wall thickness, Condom’s length and width test; Determination of force and elongation at break of test pieces of condoms; Bursting volume and bursting pressure test; Lubrication test; Packaging and labeling test; Visible defects test; Microbiological purity test.
  • Condoms are packed into corrugated packages, placed on pallets and shipped to buyers or warehouses.
  • Control batches are archived until expiry of the five-year warranty term.