Quality Control

Quality Control MedPack Condom Factory


  • All operations involving a worker who touches a condom directly, are performed in the so-called “clean area”.
  • All utility lines are located outside the clean area, air within the system is specially filtered and an excess amount of air is created to prevent dust from entering the area.
  • Raw materials and finished products move along specially-fitted windows.
  • In order to get to a workplace, a worker passes through an air-heated curtain to amenity rooms furnished with personalized clothes compartments, shower cubicles, and a water closet.
  • After changing clothes, the worker enters a gateway where he puts on shoe covers, a shop coat and a cap, passes through a disinfection barrier, treats his hands with special substances and only then reaches his workplace in the clean area.
  • When nobody is present in the gateway room, lamps for bactericidal treatment are switched on.